Tsuruhashi Yakiniku Street (Tsuruhashi)

Step by Step

  1. Tsuruhashi is known as having a Korea town
  2. This city is known for its many yakiniku restaurants
  3. Sora, is known for its long lines
  4. There are many yakiniku restaurants along this street
  5. Each restaurant has its own style, so we recommend trying a few
  6. Sora, is known for its long lines
  7. Order a meat of your choice
  8. Grill the meat on the wire net in front
  9. When grilled enough, dip it in some sauce
  10. Why not come here to enjoy some yakiniku?
  11. How to visit Sora Tsuruhashi Honten from JR Tsuruhashi Station
  12. Go through the Chuo Exit and turn left
  13. Turn left
  14. Go to the road on your right
  15. Walk straight
  16. Arrival at Sora ♪