Kitano Ijinkan(Sannomiya)

Step by Step

  1. Western-style buildings built for westerners to live in after the Meiji era
  2. It’s now open to the public as a tourist attraction
  3. This is a historically valuable place that is visited by many people
  4. Uroko Group Visitor Center
  5. Ticket sales and guide maps are available for each building
  6. A building designated as an important cultural asset of the country
  7. It is characterized by being made out of red bricks and featuring a weathercock
  8. Uroko House
  9. This building is characterized by its scale-like exterior wall which is covered with about 3000 natural stones
  10. It’s said that you will be lucky if you stroke this boar’s nose
  11. Inside western antiques and glass crafts are on display
  12. Hillside House No.8
  13. Works by the sculpture master Rodin and Asian Buddha statues are on display
  14. It is that that this satin chair will make a wish come true
  15. Starbucks Coffee Shop, Kobe Kitano Ijinkan Store
  16. Japan’s only Starbucks which is designated as a tangible cultural property
  17. After sightseeing in Kitano Ijinkan, you can enjoy coffee here
  18. How about visiting to see these historic buildings?
  19. Directions to the Kitano Ijinkan from JR Sannomiya Station
  20. Start from the Central Gate
  21. Leave the station and continue straight
  22. Cross the street
  23. Cross the street to your left
  24. Turn right
  25. Turn left
  26. Turn right
  27. Cross the street
  28. Continue straight
  29. Cross the street
  30. Continue straight
  31. Cross the street
  32. Arrival at the Kitano Uruko Group Visitor Center