Nishinomiya Shrine(Nishinomiya)

Step by Step

  1. A shrine deifying Ebisu, the god of prosperity.
  2. This shrine in known to bring good business
  3. More than a million people visit during new years
  4. A recommended shrine for those doing business
  5. Nishinomiya Shrine is the main shrine out of the 3500 others that enshrine Ebisu
  6. In New Years, more than a million people come to visit
  7. On January 10th at around 4am, some visitors will run to the main shrine and the famous “Lucky men” race will be held. The first 3 to arrive, will be recognized as lucky men of the year.
  8. During new years, there are about 600 shops set up
  9. Various types of amulets are sold
  10. The main shrine is a building of austere beauty
  11. Why not pay a visit to this shrine?
  12. How to visit Nishinomiya Shrine from JR Nishinomiya Station
  13. Exit the ticket gate and head to EBISTA
  14. Go downstairs
  15. Turn left
  16. Walk straight
  17. Turn right
  18. Turn left
  19. Cross the road
  20. Walk straight
  21. Turn right
  22. Turn left
  23. Cross the road and here you are!