Step by Step

  1. This shrine enshrines Sugawara no Michizane, the god of academics
  2. This shrine is known to hold powers of academics and marriage
  3. Many people visit here
  4. People say that if you pat the Nade-ushi and use the same hand to part your own head, you will become smarter
  5. It is crowded depending on the time and day
  6. This place is popular tourist spot
  7. The Nade-ushi is part of the reason why people come to visit
  8. There are many types of omamori you can buy
  9. Since this place enshrines the god of academics, many students write on the ema in hopes for passing their tests
  10. It is said that your love will come true if you pour water over the “kanai-koi”
  11. This omikuji created by artists, is very popular
  12. Why not come pay a visit here?
  13. How to visit Kitano-Tenmangu Shrine from JR Sannomiya Station
  14. Head to the central exit
  15. Cross the road
  16. Cross the road to your left
  17. Turn right
  18. Walk straight
  19. Turn left
  20. Cross the road
  21. Walk straight
  22. Cross the road
  23. Turn left
  24. Turn right
  25. Go up the stairs
  26. Walk along the road
  27. Arrival at Kitano-Tenmangu Shrine