Koshien (Nishinomiya)

Step by Step

  1. Japan’s first large-scale multi-purpose baseball stadium
  2. Out of Japan’s baseball fields, this one has the largest capacity
  3. Two major high school baseball national tournaments have been held here since before the war
  4. The Koshien Stadium is called the holy place of baseball
  5. Opened in 1924
  6. Buy your ticket at the ticket office
  7. Sometimes there are beer gardens and events opened outside the venue
  8. As it is also the home of the Hanshin Tigers, Tigers goods and more are also sold here
  9. How about visiting the Koshien Stadium?
  10. Directions to Koshien from Hanshin Train, Koshien Station
  11. Head towards the West Exit
  12. Leave the station and continue straight
  13. After walking for a little while…
  14. Arrival at the Koshien Stadium