How to eat the famous Nagoya dish “Tebasaki”

Step by Step

  1. Introduced by “Kuriko” (Rou Monrou) the famous actress Yui Aragaki from Japan
  2. Hi, I am Kuriko. Right now I am in Nagoya.
  3. Have you heard about the famous Nagoya dish called “Tebasaki”?
  4. Tebasaki is fried chicken wing eaten with a special sauce, salt and pepper or other seasonings.
  5. It usually features rather strong flavours.
  6. Today we introduce how to eat “Tebasaki”
  7. How to eat “Tebasaki” The 3 step way
  8. 1. First, break the wing at the joint
  9. 2. Pull out the bone
  10. 3. Eat
  11. How to eat Tebasaki The 2 step way
  12. 1. Break the wing at the joint
  13. 2. Eat
  14. Please try “Tebasaki” when coming to Nagoya!
  15. ※Special Thanks Daruma