Akihabara HEY(Akihabara)

Step by Step

  1. Are you a game maniac?
  2. Not so much?
  3. Well, what if I told you there’s a cool game center full of 80s retro games?
  4. Akihabara Hey is different from your ordinary game center
  5. From the first floor crane games area, go up the escalator to the second floor
  6. You will find retro games from the 80s
  7. It’s like the world of Ready Player One (but this time without VR)
  8. Ofcourse, it’s not just decor
  9. It’s still fun to play even after 30 years!
  10. You can also enjoy various retro arcade games
  11. It’s like an arcade game museum
  12. There are many other games too!
  13. At the top floor there are newer games too
  14. You can use Emoney for many of the machines
  15. Why not get a feel of time travel by visiting here?
  16. Directions to Akihabara HEY from JR Akihabara station
  17. Start from Denkigai exit
  18. Exit station and turn left
  19. Walk straight
  20. Cross the road
  21. Turn right
  22. Arrival at Akihabara HEY