Tokyo One Piece Tower(Tokyo Tower)

Step by Step

  1. A theme park of the popular Manga One Piece
  2. There are attractions and a restaurant about One Piece
  3. The perfect spot for any One Piece fan
  4. Scan your ticket and enter the park
  5. You can enjoy attractions of the One Piece characters inside the park
  6. You can win prizes at the Franky pinball machine
  7. The various swords of the series are also on display here
  8. At this spot you can take a picture with Trafalgar Law
  9. You can also buy One Piece goods here
  10. How about visiting this theme park?
  11. There is also a schedule for projection mapping of Marco the pheonix
  12. Original illustrations of popular sceneries are on display as well
  13. You also must see the fantastic live show
  14. There is also a shop to buy One Piece goods
  15. How about visiting this theme park?
  16. How to visit the Tokyo One Piece Tower From Oedo Line, Akabanebashi Station
  17. Subway Oedo Line, Akabanebashi Station
  18. Head towards the Akabanebashi Exit (Towards Tokyo Tower)
  19. Cross the street in front of you
  20. Then cross the street to your right
  21. Walk straight
  22. Turn left
  23. Enter the Tokyo Tower
  24. Move up to the 3rd floor and you will see the Tokyo One Piece Tower