Sanrio Puroland(Tama Center)

Step by Step

  1. This is next level kawaii♡
  2. Many photogenic places here!
  3. You can take many cute photos
  4. There is already a kawaii atmosphere at the entrance
  5. Inside is full of kawaii
  6. Sanrio Character Boat Ride
  7. All the Sanrio Characters are here
  8. You can buy photos here!
  9. Lady Kitty House
  10. The world’s most busy celebrity
  11. You are invited to Lady Kitty’s Mansion
  12. A ribbon-shaped photo spot
  13. An interactive photo spot where you can insert petals
  14. Many cute rooms here
  15. Take a photo with Hello Kitty
  16. You can buy the photos
  17. You can eat kawaii character food
  18. Of course, only kawaii treats here!
  19. Popular entertainment at Sanrio Puroland
  20. Hello Kitty’s Momotaro
  21. A dream collab of KAWAII with Japanese traditional Kabuki theater
  22. Captions available in English, Chinese, Korean
  23. No photography so make sure to catch it all
  24. Inside there are characters in many places
  25. A lot of kawaii character goods
  26. Buy limited editions goods and you’ll be ultra-happy!
  27. These are limited edition goods
  28. Make sure to take many pictures at Puroland!
  29. How to visit Sanrio Puroland (from Odakyu Keio Tama Center Station)
  30. Go to Tama Center Station South Exit and climb the stairs
  31. Go straight
  32. Turn left
  33. Walk straight and you’ll arrive at Sanrio Puroland