Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa(Shinagawa)

Step by Step

  1. An aquarium with a collaboration of sound, light and animals
  2. A fun place for both children and adults
  3. Here you can see various animals from a close distance
  4. Buy your ticket at the ticket counter
  5. Adults are 2200 Yen,Primary/Middle school students are 1200 Yen,Infants are 700 Yen
  6. Scan your ticket and enter
  7. Inside you can enjoy various attractions
  8. You can enjoy the view of beautifully lit up fish and jellyfish
  9. There are also small performances of Sea lions and sea dogs
  10. In any of the 11 areas you can enjoy different aquariums, attractions and shops
  11. How about visiting this aquarium?
  12. How to visit the Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa
  13. JR Shinagawa Station
  14. Leave via the Central Gate
  15. Head towards the Takanawa Exit
  16. Continue to the left
  17. Cross the street
  18. Move through this building
  19. Follow the path
  20. Arrival at the Aqua Park Shinagawa