Cat Café MOCHA (Akihabara)

Step by Step

  1. A café where you can get in touch with cats
  2. There are many kinds of cats
  3. You can feed and pet the cats and more
  4. The cafés nice atmosphere allows a relaxing time for both humans and the cats
  5. 10 minutes cost 200 Yen
  6. Various kinds of cats are living Inside this café
  7. Here you can relax while looking at various cats
  8. Why don’t you visit this caféand get in touch with cats here?
  9. Directions to the Akihabara cat café “mocha” from JR Akihabara Station
  10. Leave the station and turn left
  11. Walk straight
  12. At the end of the path, turn right
  13. Walk straight for a little while
  14. Arrival at the Cat Café MOCHA