Kanda Shrine(Ochanomizu)

Step by Step

  1. A shrine with 1300 years of history
  2. About 300 thousand people visit every New Years
  3. It is where anime “Love Live” is set
  4. About 300 thousand people visit every New Years
  5. Potent for relationship, business prosperity, health, and luck in competition
  6. Many tourists visit here
  7. Many people visit to receive such powers
  8. There are many anime fans who draw pictures on the Ema
  9. You can buy items that are in collaboration with “Love Live”
  10. This is known as the “birth place” for Love Live fans
  11. Why not visit the shrine where Love Live was set in?
  12. Directions to Kanda Shrine(from JR Ochanomizu station)
  13. Exit station and turn left
  14. Walk along the road
  15. Cross the road
  16. Cross the road on your right
  17. Walk straight
  18. Cross the road
  19. Turn left
  20. Arrival at Kanda Shrine