Step by Step

  1. How to visit MAGNET CROSSING VIEW
  2. An observatory to view the Scramble Crossing
  3. It is a popular photo spot
  4. You can enjoy food on the 7th floor
  5. Go to the rooftop with the elevator
  6. Buy a ticket
  7. 300 yen per person
  8. A very spacious open space
  9. You can get a view of other popular spots in Shibuya
  10. A new food area
  11. Event area
  12. An observatory to view the Scramble Crossing
  13. The only place to view Scramble Crossing right from above
  14. Use the app to take a photo with the rooftop-installed camera (100 seconds for 1000yen)
  15. The vending machine of limited-edition t-shirts is popular too
  16. Many stores in the food area are limited to here
  17. Why not visit to take a dynamic photo?
  18. Directions to MAGNET CROSSING VIEW from JR Shibuya Station
  19. Take the Hachiko Exit and head to Scramble Crossing
  20. Cross the road to your right.
  21. Arrival at MAGNET