Tokyo Sweets Collection

Step by Step

  1. A collection of places chosen by DIVE JAPAN’S editors
  2. First up is the Tokyo Sweets Collection
  4. A popular sweets specialty store selling photogenic cotton candy
  5. The cotton candy craftsman carefully makes it in front of your own eyes
  6. Marion Crêpe (Harajuku)
  7. A crêpe shop where you can eat crêpes made with carefully selected, fresh ingredients
  8. There are more than 60 original crêpes with their own tastes
  9. Eddy’s Ice Cream (Harajuku)
  10. An ice cream shop where you can make your own custom and photogenic ice cream
  11. You can select from cute cookies and chocolates and enjoy ice cream that is perfect for Instagram
  12. Hope to see you in Japan someday