Gion area(Gion)

Step by Step

  1. A place full of Kyoto’s charm
  2. It is a popular tourist spot
  3. When in Kyoto, we recommend you come here
  4. Yasaka no Tou
  5. Yasaka no Tou is one of Kyoto’s landmarks
  6. The five story pagoda is the one and only cultural property in Japan
  7. Ninenzaka
  8. It is lined with many stores unique to Kyoto
  9. It is set as a traditional architectures preservation district
  10. You can find many shops and restaurants here
  11. Yasaka Koshin-do
  12. You can see “Kukurizaru”, which carries people’s wishes inside
  13. “Kukurizaru” can be bought inside the temple
  14. It is known as a popular power spot where your wishes come true
  15. It is also a popular instagenic photo spot
  16. Gion Shirakawa
  17. You can enjoy the Kyoto atmosphere here
  18. One of the few places where you can enjoy the pre-war Japan landscape
  19. A recommended spot for those who wish to enjoy the Kyoto atmosphere
  20. Gion Komori
  21. A cafe where you can enjoy sweets and the Kyoto atmosphere
  22. You can enjoy Japanese traditional sweets
  23. Why not visit here to enjoy the charm of Japanese culture?