Yasaka Shrine(Gion)

Step by Step

  1. This place benefits beauty and marriage
  2. Many worshippers come from all over the country
  3. The main shrine is designated as an important cultural property of the country
  4. There also are many tourists from overseas that visit this shrine
  5. On the premises you can find stands selling Japanese shaved Ice and more
  6. Clean your hands and mouth at this purification trough
  7. The Ebisu Shrine, which enshrines the god of fortune, is also on the premises
  8. Various events are held in the dance all in front of the main hall
  9. Visit and pray in front of the main shrine which is designated as important cultural property
  10. We also recommend drawing the lottery
  11. How about visiting this shrine?
  12. Directions to Yasaka Shrine From Gion Bus Stop
  13. Start from the Gion bus stop
  14. Walk straight
  15. Cross the street to your left
  16. After turning right
  17. Arrival at Yasaka Shrine