Gion Shirakawa (Gion)

Step by Step

  1. You can enjoy the breaktaking views of Kyoto
  2. It is also used as a filming location for TV dramas
  3. One of the few places where you can still find a pre-war streetscape
  4. A recommended spot for those who wish to enjoy the Kyoto atmosphere
  5. It always crowded with tourists from abroad
  6. There are many photo spots where you can capture the beautiful, old Japan
  7. Why not visit here to enjoy a traditional landscape?
  8. How to visit Gion Shirakawa from Gion bus stop
  9. Start from Gion bus stop
  10. Turn left
  11. Walk straight for a while
  12. Turn right
  13. Turn left
  14. Cross the road and turn right
  15. Turn left
  16. Walk straight
  17. You’ve arrived ♪