Kinkakuji Temple(Kita-ku)

Step by Step

  1. The majestic reliquary hall covered in gold is famous
  2. A lot of tourists visit this temple
  3. There also is a place to rest on the premises
  4. Head to the admission reception desk
  5. Split into groups or individuals and continue
  6. Pay the admission fee
  7. This is a lucky charm of your visit
  8. You’ll see the Golden Pavilion as soon as you enter
  9. On sunny days and when there is no wind you can see the “upside down Kinkaku” reflected on the surface of the water
  10. There are various sights on the vast grounds
  11. One of those highlights is the 600-year-old pine tree “Rikushu”
  12. The spring water of the “Galaxy Fountain” which the Shogun is said to have used to brew tea
  13. The stone hit by the waterfall looks like a carp and is thus called the “Carp Stone”
  14. Many tourists throw money towards these stone statues
  15. A tea room made in the Edo period called “Sekka-tei”
  16. There is also a space where you can rest on site
  17. The “Fudodo” is said to be the oldest building of the Kinkakuji Temple
  18. You can also buy votive tablets here
  19. There are many shops selling Japanese sweets
  20. Why don’t you come sightseeing the Kinkakuji Temple?
  21. Directions to Kinkakuji from JR Kyoto Station
  22. Start from the JR Line Platform (West Exit)
  23. Turn right
  24. Move downstairs
  25. Turn right
  26. Turn left
  27. Head towards bus stop B3
  28. Take a bus to the Kinkakuji and Kitaoji Temple
  29. Looking at the bus stop, continue to the right
  30. Turn right
  31. Continue straight
  32. Cross the street
  33. Turn left
  34. Arrival at Kinkakuji Temple