Kyoto Aquarium (Kankijicho)

Step by Step

  1. Japan’s largest artificial seawater aquarium
  2. A lot of people visit on the weekend
  3. The exciting dolphin performance is popular
  4. Buy your ticket at the ticket counter
  5. Adults 2,050 Yen University and high school students 1550 Yen Junior high and high school students 1000 Yen Infants 600 Yen
  6. The giant salamander which is a national natural monument is on display
  7. You can take a clear look at seals in the tubular water tank
  8. You can see penguins in all sorts of situations in the penguin zone
  9. In the great water tank zone, you can feel like you are in the middle of the ocean
  10. In the aquarium of the ocean zone, you can see various kinds of sea creatures
  11. The exciting dolphin show is the best attraction
  12. You can buy goods of the aquarium at the museum shop
  13. How about visiting this aquarium?
  14. Directions to the Kyoto Aquarium From JR Umekoji-Kyotonishi Station
  15. Leave the station and continue to the left
  16. Turn right
  17. Continue diagonally to the left
  18. Follow the path
  19. Turn left at the vending machines
  20. Follow the path
  21. Arrival at the Kyoto Aquarium