Kyoto Station(Kyoto Station)

Step by Step

  1. There are many exciting places inside Kyoto Station
  2. There is also a space with a lot of ramen restaurants
  3. A Model Railroad Shop
  4. KATO Kyoto Station Store
  5. It is a store specialized on model railroads and its interior is made in the image of Japan
  6. This shop also repairs railroad models
  7. Kyoto Ramen Koji
  8. It’s a place where the most popular ramen restaurants of the whole country are lined up
  9. Nakamura Tokichi Honten, Kyoto Station Store
  10. A place to drink delicious tea and eat tasty sweets
  11. You can also buy teas and other tea products here
  12. Their Matcha sweets and fresh tea jelly are excellent
  13. When visiting the Kyoto Station, why don’t you come sightseeing inside the station building?