cafe no. (Nishiohashi)

Step by Step

  1. A fashionable cafe famous on social media
  2. These cute bottled drinks are popular
  3. The “Broncolatte” is another famous drink where they top the drink with cut up Belgian chocolate
  4. It is a café with a photogenic interior
  5. Buy the drink of your choice at the vending machine
  6. You can buy these photogenic bottled drinks
  7. Their special “Broncolatte“ with loads of Belgian chocolate is also popular
  8. How about enjoying some photogenic drinks in this café?
  9. Directions to cafe no. from Subway Nishiohashi Station
  10. Head to Exit 4
  11. Leave the station and turn left
  12. Continue straight
  13. Turn left
  14. Arrival at cafe no.