Tako-yaki Museum(Universal-city)

Step by Step

  1. An experience food theme park with famous Tako-Yaki restaurants
  2. Here you can compare the taste of famous Tako-yaki restaurants
  3. You can enjoy your Tako-yaki together with a beer or a highball
  4. Many people visit here during their holidays
  5. Here you can taste Tako-yaki of 5 famous restaurants
  6. Buy your food voucher at the machine
  7. You can pick toppings and sauces you like
  8. How about comparing the famous Tako-yaki restaurants here?
  9. JR Universal-city Station
  10. How to visit the Tako-yaki Museum from JR Universal-city Station
  11. Leave through the and continue to the Universal-city
  12. Once you see the City Walk, move up with the escalator in front of you