Step by Step

  1. World’s largest aquarium in Osaka
  2. Here you can see a large variety of animals
  3. You can even literally get in touch with some of the animals
  4. Entrance fee Adult: ¥230,Child: ¥600
  5. Many fish pass above in the glass tunnel
  6. You can touch sharks and stingrays
  7. You can see the Whale shark up close
  8. Around 620 different kinds
  9. of animals are on display here
  10. Inside the official shop,You can find a lot ofOriginal goods
  11. After 5pm you can enjoy a different atmosphere
  12. How about visiting and playing this aquarium?
  13. How to visit Kaiyukan (From Osakako Subway Station)
  14. Go to Exit 1
  15. Turn right
  16. Turn right again
  17. Go straight
  18. Turn left
  19. Arrival at Kaiyukan