Cupnoodles Museum(Osaka)

Step by Step

  1. A museum with exhibits about instant noodles
  2. You can make your very own original cupnoodles
  3. You can also learn about the history of instant noodles
  4. The instant ramen which are loved all over the world were invented in Ikeda, Osaka
  5. Here you can learn about the history, the invention and the importance of the discovery of instant ramen.
  6. Quizzes, the history and more about instant ramen are displayed in various ways
  7. Here you can make your own original cupnoodles.
  8. Buy a cup first 300 Yen
  9. You can write whatever you want on it
  10. Put the noodles in your cup
  11. Pick your favourites out of 4 kinds of soup and 12 kinds of ingredients
  12. And it is done
  13. You can also buy goods at the shop
  14. How about visiting this museum?
  15. Cupnoodles Museum Osaka Ikeda from Ikeda Station, Hankyu Takarazuka Line
  16. Head to the Ticket Gate
  17. Exit the Ticket Gate and turn right
  18. Turn right
  19. Move down the escalator to your left
  20. Leave via the Exit to your right
  21. Cross the street
  22. Turn left
  23. Continue straight
  24. Turn right
  25. Continue straight
  26. Cross the street
  27. After walking for a little bit
  28. Arrival at the Cupnoodles Museum