Takoyaki Yamachan(Tennoji)

Step by Step

  1. A popular Takoyaki restaurant in Osaka which always has people lined up in front
  2. It is a famous restaurant that is listed in the Michelin Guide for 2 consecutive years
  3. Here you can enjoy the special Takoyaki (Octopus balls)
  4. Not only locals but also tourists come here to eat Takoyaki
  5. The Takoyaki are freshly made to order in front of your eyes
  6. You can see the craftsmanship up close
  7. You can taste freshly made Takoyaki
  8. Why don’t you try delicious Takoyaki at this restaurant?
  9. Directions to Takoyaki „Yamachan“ from JR Tennoji Station
  10. Head towards the Abeno Exit
  11. Leave through the Ticket Gate and turn left
  12. Move downstairs
  13. Turn left
  14. Move upstairs
  15. Turn right