Daisen Park (Daisen Nakamachi)

Step by Step

  1. The Daisen Park has an area of 26000 square metres
  2. You can feel the rich nature
  3. You can enjoy Japanese sweets and Matcha here
  4. You can find various facilities and spots in the area
  5. You can see a beautiful pond surrounded by flowers and trees
  6. You can enjoy Japanese sweets and Matcha while looking at the beautiful scenery
  7. Many tourists come to enjoy the nature of the four seasons
  8. Why don’t you enjoy the rich nature of this park?
  9. Directions to the Daisen Park from JR Mozu Station
  10. Leave through the Ticket Gate and turn right
  11. Turn right
  12. Continue straight
  13. Cross the street
  14. After crossing the street to your left
  15. Arrival at the Daisen Park