Osaka Castle Gozabune(Osakajo Koen)

Step by Step

  1. A sightseeing boat that takes about 20 minutes to go around the inner moat of Osaka Castle
  2. You can see the Osaka Castle from the moat
  3. You can ride a gorgeous golden ship
  4. Buy tickets at the ticket office(Adults 1500 Yen, Senior Citizens 1000 Yen, Children 750 Yen)
  5. Head to the boarding dock
  6. Hand over your ticket and get on board
  7. The history of Osaka Castle is explained on the ship
  8. You can enjoy an amazing sightseeing tour of Osaka Castle
  9. Why don’t you come aboard?
  10. Directions to Osaka Castle Gozabune Ticket Office from JR Osakajo Koen Station
  11. Leave the station and move downstairs
  12. Continue straight
  13. Turn left
  14. Continue straight
  15. Turn right
  16. Turn left
  17. Follow the path
  18. Turn right
  19. After continuing straight
  20. Arrival at the Osaka Castle Gozabune Ticket Office