Takenotetsu (Osaka Umeda)

Step by Step

  1. A gourmet Takoyaki restaurant also popular underneath tourists
  2. At Takonotetsu you can make your own Takoyaki
  3. Introducing how to make Takoyaki
  4. They provide an English menu as well
  5. First, oil the pan
  6. Add the octopus
  7. Add green onions
  8. Pour on the batter
  9. And add “Tenkasu” (fried tempura batter) and pickled ginger
  10. Once the heat passed through the batter, form it into balls
  11. Evenly brown your Takoyaki
  12. Once finished, put the Takoyaki on your plate
  13. Add as much sauce and mayonnaise as you like
  14. And, if desired, add bonito-flakes and Aonori
  15. Your Takoyaki are done!
  16. How to visit the Takonotetsu (From Osaka Metro, Umeda Station)
  17. Start from the Naka-minami Gate
  18. Head towards Exit 6
  19. Move up the escalator
  20. Leave the station and continue straight
  21. Turn left
  22. Cross the street to your right
  23. Walk straight
  24. Turn right
  25. Arrival at Takenotetsu!