Takopa(Universal City)

Step by Step

  1. Takoyaki, Osaka’s specialty
  2. TAKOPA is a place where popular Takoyaki restaurants are gathered
  3. From standard to unique, you can taste a variety of Takoyaki here
  4. Six famous Takoyaki restaurants of Osaka are gathered here
  5. Because each store has its own characteristics, we recommend eating and comparing Takoyaki of multiple restaurants
  6. Purchase a meal ticket for the menu you want to eat
  7. The Takoyaki are freshly cooked in front of you
  8. Please taste freshly made Takoyaki here
  9. Directions to TAKOPA from JR Universal City Station
  10. Head towards the Universal Studios Japan
  11. Enter the Universal Citywalk
  12. Leave the escalator and follow the path
  13. Arrival at TAKOPA