Step by Step

  1. Their ”Specialty Curry” that cannot be tasted elsewhere is famous
  2. Many people come from afar to eat this curry
  3. This is a western restaurant with a history of about 100 years
  4. It was founded in 1910 as a western restaurant in Osaka
  5. It is a popular shop where people will line up depending on the time of the day
  6. Jiyuken offers a wide variety of menus
  7. The inside of the restaurant is always crowded with people
  8. Their “Specialty Curry“ which is not available anywhere else is excellent
  9. You can also eat regular curry and other western foods here
  10. Why don’t you come and eat at this restaurant?
  11. Directions to Jiyuken from Subway Namba Station
  12. Start from the Central Ticket Gate
  13. Head towards Exit 11
  14. Leave the station and directly turn right
  15. Continue straight through the shopping district
  16. Arrival at Jiyuken