Tonbori River Cruise (Dotonbori)

Step by Step

  1. You can look from the river at the Dotonbori which condenses the charm of Naniwa
  2. The guide will introduce the highlights
  3. The ride takes about 20 minutes
  4. Buy your ticket at the ticket counter
  5. Boarding Fee (Junior high school students and above: 900 Yen, Elementary school students and younger: 400 Yen)
  6. Go to the boarding dock
  7. Hand over your ticket
  8. Pick your favourite seat and the ship will depart
  9. You can see the scenery of Dotonbori from the river
  10. You can enjoy Osaka’s famous places from a different angle
  11. Why don’t you come and enjoy this cruise?
  12. Directions to Tonbori River Cruise Boarding Reception from JR Namba Station
  13. Start from the North-East Exit of the Namba Station
  14. Start from Exit 14
  15. Turn left
  16. Continue straight
  17. Cross the street to your right
  18. Follow along the river and continue straight
  19. Go up the stairs to your left and turn right
  20. Arrival at Tonbori River Cruise Boarding Reception