Ikuta Shrine (Kobe)

Step by Step

  1. It’s a famous shrine for marriage
  2. The water horoscope is popular
  3. It’s worshipped as a “Revival god” because it has overcome disasters and air raids
  4. Clean your hands and mouth with the water of the well before entering the precincts
  5. Upon entering you will see the majestic main shrine
  6. Pray at the main shrine
  7. Write a wish for love to come true on a votive tablet that has “Love” written on it
  8. The torii gate of the Inari Shrine is also one of the highlights
  9. You can buy water horoscopes in the precincts
  10. If you let the horoscope float on the water, you can see your fortune telling results
  11. Tie up your horoscope here after seeing the results
  12. How about visiting this shrine?
  13. Directions to Ikuta Shrine from JR Sannomiya Station
  14. Leave the station and turn left
  15. Cross the street
  16. Turn right
  17. Turn left
  18. Cross the street
  19. Continue straight
  20. Cross the street to your right
  21. Walk straight
  22. Arrival at Ikuta Shrine