Hoppy Street(Asakusa)

Step by Step

  1. Cheap but delicious bars are lined up here
  2. The beer flavoured “Hoppy“ is a popular liquor here
  3. Many people visit here to have a drink together
  4. Let’s dive in!
  5. As a remain of the time where beer used to be a luxury good
  6. The beer flavoured “Hoppy“ was created as an alternative
  7. You’ll find cheap bars on both sides of the road
  8. Many people visit this place even before dawn
  9. Please visit by all means when visiting Asakusa
  10. How to visit the Hoppy Street(from Metro Asakusa Station)
  11. Leave via Exit 1
  12. After leaving the station, follow the path with the large road to your left
  13. Pass by the Kaminari Gate
  14. Turn right and follow the Orange Street
  15. At the end of the street, turn left
  16. Arrival at Hoppy Street