Monja Street(Tsukishima)

Step by Step

  1. “Monja” a popular food of downtown Tokyo
  2. On the Monja street many Monjayaki specialized stores are line up
  3. This place is popular for the downtown atmosphere
  4. At the Tsukishima Monja Association you can get your hands on Monja goods
  5. Or a street map
  6. On the street you‘ll find many Monjayaki restaurants line up
  7. Let’s go inside a restaurant
  8. Stir-fry your ingredients on the grill
  9. Mix in the batter any you’re done
  10. How about eating Monjayaki in this area?
  11. How to visit the Monja Street from Subway Tsukishima Station
  12. Subway Tsukishima Station
  13. Leave through the Ticket Gate and head towards Exit 7
  14. After leaving the Exit you‘ll already be on the Monja Street