Weathering with You (Tokyo)

Step by Step

  1. Makoto Shinkai’s animation “Weathering with You”
  2. Various spots in Tokyo appear in the “Weathering with You” movie
  3. Introducing the “holy grounds“ which appeared in the Anime
  4. Asahi Inari Shrine (Ginza)
  5. This shrine became the model of the shrine on the roof of the abandoned building
  6. This shrine is on the 8th floor of the Daiko Asahi Building
  7. JR Tabata Station (Tabata)
  8. This is the closest station to the house where Hina and Nagi live. It is also the stage of the last scene
  9. Kabukicho (Shinjuku)
  10. The town where Hodaka lived in Suga’s office after moving to Tokyo
  11. Kisho Shrine (Koenji Hikawa Shrine)
  12. The only shrine in Japan that enshrines the god of whether
  13. It appears to tell the story of the “sunshine girl”
  14. Shiba Park (Minato-ku)
  15. The park appeared in the scene when it was sunny after Suga’s request for her daughter
  16. Odaiba Seaside Park Observation Deck (Odaiba)
  17. It appears in the first scene visited with the wish flea market
  18. Roppongi Hills Sky Deck (Roppongi)
  19. The places visited to clear the weather for the fireworks display
  20. Fans of “Weathering with you” – how about visiting these “holy grounds”?