Nijo Castle(Kyoto)

Step by Step

  1. A castle built during the Edo Period and also a World Heritage
  2. Explanations are provided in various languages so tourists from abroad can enjoy them too
  3. It is a place where you can enjoy the history of Japan
  4. Buy a ticket at the ticket machine (Adult 1030yen, Middle/High school 830yen, Elementary school 200yen)
  5. Hand in your ticket at the entrance
  6. This place marks the historical watershed of Japan
  7. Karamon, is an important cultural property known for its engraving in distinct colors
  8. Ninomaru Goten
  9. This bell was used for important notices in the past
  10. You can enjoy historical buildings and sights of beautiful Japanese gardens here
  11. At the Nijo Castle shops you can buy sweets and little trinkets
  12. Why not visit Nijo Castle?
  13. How to visit Nijo Castle from subway Nijyo-jo station
  14. Head to Exit 1
  15. Leave the station and turn right
  16. Cross the road to your left
  17. Walk straight
  18. Arrival at Nijo Castle