Yasaka Pagoda (Yasaka Kamimachi)

Step by Step

  1. The Yasaka Pagoda is a landmark of Kyoto
  2. The offical name is Hokanji Temple
  3. A building popular with tourists
  4. The Pagoda of Yasaka is a symbol of Kyoto Higashiyama
  5. It is the only five-story pagoda designated as important cultural property in Japan
  6. There are shops to enjoy Japanese sweets and more close by
  7. It is a building where you can feel the atmosphere of Kyoto
  8. How about coming and seeing this building?
  9. DIrections to the Yasaka Pagoda from Shimizu Bus Stop
  10. Start from the busstop and head straight
  11. Turn right
  12. Continue straight on this path and you will arrive at the Yasaka Pagoda