Cosmo Tower observatory(Nakafuto)

Step by Step

  1. An observatory where you can get a glance of the Osaka City
  2. A walkaround with a 360° glass panel
  3. Here you can enjoy a moving scenery of the Osaka City
  4. Metro Nakafuto Station
  5. Head towards Exit 1
  6. After leaving the station, cross the street in front of you
  7. Walk straight for a little while
  8. After crossing the street...
  9. Arrival at the Cosmo Tower
  10. Enter the building from here
  11. Adults are 700 Yen
  12. Using the elevator, move up to the 52nd floor
  13. From here, use the escalator to move up
  14. After moving up here...
  15. Arrival at the Cosmo Tower observatory♪
  16. You can enjoy the 360° scenery from a height of 252m
  17. How about getting a glance of the Osaka City from this observatory?