Izakaya Toyo(Kyobashi)

Step by Step

  1. The drink-while-standing Izakaya Toyo where always many people line up
  2. The fresh Sashimi is excellent
  3. The reasonable prices are also reason for its popularity
  4. A popular drink-while-standing Izakaya in Kyobashi
  5. Inside you’ll always find a lot of customers
  6. This magnificent cooking is also very popular
  7. How about enjoying delicious food and alcohol at this bar?
  8. How to visit the Izakaya Toyo from JR Kyobashi Station
  9. Head towards the North Exit
  10. After leaving the station, turn right
  11. At the corner, turn right
  12. Enter the small path
  13. Turn left
  14. Arrival at the Izakaya Toyo