Step by Step

  1. It is a temple where Sugawara no Michizane, known as the god of academics, is enshrined.
  2. During exam season many examinees visit here
  3. It is known to have powers of fortune regarding lottery, matchmaking, and illness recovery.
  4. The shrine was built in the year 458
  5. And is a spiritual site known to hold powers for academics, victory, matchmaking, and illness recovery
  6. This is an Ema filled with wishes of those who paid a visit
  7. Since the god of academics is enshrined here, many examinees visit during exam season
  8. In March it is well-known for its plum blossoms
  9. Every year during the New Year there are many street stalls
  10. How to visit Yushima-Tenjin
  11. Start from Yushima Subway Station
  12. Exit the Tenjinshita intersection ticket gate
  13. Walk towards Gate 3
  14. Exit the station and turn left
  15. Walk along the road
  16. Walk straight
  17. Arrival at Yushima-Tenjin